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Use our "TOP TWENTY" list of topics to raise with your media planners and media buyers to help you optimize your media plan.

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1) Scientific approaches

2) Targeted approaches

3) Maximizing your ROI

4) Locating unbiased experts

5) Print/broadcast/outdoor/internet media buys (readers, listeners, viewers and clickers)

6) Consolidating invoices across media buys

7) Google vs. Microsoft vs. Yahoo

8) Media planning software

9) Efficient, discounted and bargain media planning and media buying

10) Tactical vs. strategic media planning and media buying

11) Domestic and international media buying and media planning

12) Cooperative media planning and media buying between complimentary companies

13) Negotiation secrets

14) Public relations vs. paid advertising

15) Dynamic media planning and buying � adaptive, self-correcting plans adjust to maximize your results

16) Analyzing your media plan�s effectiveness

17) Guerilla marketing

18) Upsell your media budget to your management

19) Executing media buys for maximum results

20) Barter products and services for media exposure

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